Do you intend to pursue an LLM as well? If so, you must work hard to get into the LLM programmes. Because so many law students take the exam, the level of competitiveness is excellent. As a result, to pass the exam, you must adequately prepare. Everything depends on how well you do your LLM Preparation.

LLM is a 2-year programme that many law schools and institutions provide. There are, however, a few institutions that offer 1-year courses. LLM entrance exams are the only way to get admission to LLM programmes. Typically, they test applicants' legal reasoning and legal knowledge.

Advanced knowledge is necessary for LLM entrance exams like CLAT PG, AILET PG, DU LLM, PU CET, BHU PET, etc. Each candidate must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the ideas and question paper format to prepare for these tests. Knowing the crucial details about the exam makes it simpler for them to assess the level of difficulty.

LLM Preparation Books

There are many LLM exam preparation books on the market. The query, however, is still open: "Which is the best?". Do not worry; here is a list of LLM preparation books that can aid your study and help you get a good score.

  1. Universal's Textbook on Legal Methods, Legal Systems & Research by Prof. Tushar Kanti Saha.
  2. Singhal's S. S. Handbook for LL.M Entrance Exam 2021 [New Syllabus] by Vishal Singh Singhal Law Publication.
  3. New Age International Publishers Research Methodology Methods and Techniques by C. R. Kothari, Gaurav Garg.
  4. Methodology & Techniques of Social Research by P.L.Bhandarkar & T.S. Wilkinson For LL.M by Himalaya Publishing House.
  5. Master Key Gender Justice & Feminist Jurisprudence Women & Criminal Law by Dr. Sheetal Kanwal, Amar Law Publication  ALP0105
  6. Law of Industrial & Intellectual Property for LLM by Pritish Pal & Varsha Gupta | Amar Law Publication
  7. Human Rights Law for LL.M & Other by Dr. S. A. Karandikar & Dr. Ashok Yende, Aarati & Company.
  8. Central Law Publication's Legal Education & Research Methodology For LL.M by Dr. Mona Purohit.
  9. Bharat's Cyber Laws & Information Technology by Dr. Jyoti Rattan & Dr. Vijay Rattan.
  10. Amar Law Publication's Legal Regulations of Economic Enterprises (Business Law) by Adv. Aprajita Bhargav & Adv. Pritesh Kumar Pal.
  11. Universal Guide to LLM entrance exam by Gaurav Mehta.
  12. Ascent’s Law Guide for LLM entrance exam by Ashok K. Jain.

Along with general advice and preparation for an LLM, you must also get acquainted with particular subjects or areas of legal study. Here is a selection of books you can use to aid your LLM preparations to assist you in getting ready for a specific domain.

LLM Specializations

Name of the Book

LLM Civil Law

EBC - Civil Procedure - Limitation and Commercial Courts - C K Takwani - 9th Edition 2021 by C K Takwani

LLM Torts

R.K. Bangia

LLM Corporate Law

The Law of Corporations and Other Business Organizations by Angela Schneeman

LLM Criminal Law

Master Key Gender Justice & Feminist Jurisprudence Women & Criminal Law by Dr. Sheetal Kanwal, Amar Law Publication | ALP0105

LLM Intellectual Property Law

Law of Industrial & Intellectual Property for LLM by Pritish Pal & Varsha Gupta | Amar Law Publication

LLM Human Rights

Human Rights Law for LL.M & Other by Dr. S. A. Karandikar & Dr. Ashok Yende, Aarati & Company

LLM Corporate Law

The Interaction between Competition Law and Corporate Governance by Reinier Kraakman, John Armour, Paul Davies, Luca Enriques.

LLM International Law

Textbook on Public International Law by Dr Rakesh Kumar Singh.

LLM Human Rights

Ascent Publication's Public International Law (Law of Peace) & Human Rights by Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain

LLM Environmental Law

Book Corporation's Principles of Environmental Laws [HB] by Dr. Rabindra Kr. Pathak, Ms. Surbhi Singh

LLM Intellectual Property Law

Central Law Publication's Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by Dr. M.K. Bhandari

LLM Labor Law

Enhancing Capabilities Through Labor Law: Informal Workers in India by Supriya Routh

LLM Preparation Tips

You have a strategy for your studies, but despite putting in the effort, you are still not seeing any progress. You can start to mistrust yourself in such circumstances. But perhaps making a few minor adjustments here and there would help you achieve your goals. Therefore, the following advice can help you improve the efficiency of your LLM preparations.

  • Pick your LLM, preparing books wisely. The issue might lie with the study materials you're referring to. Therefore, be careful while choosing your study material. 
  • Keep a separate notebook for noting significant dates and data, and revisit it daily as you study for your LLM exam. It would help if you also jotted down the things you frequently forget. You can also use these accessible notes to help you with last-minute revisions.
  • Regularly attempt LLM sample papers and mock exams. You can first start with one or two per week but gradually complete three to four LLM practice exams each week.
  • After finishing the practice test, thoroughly analyse your answers. Reviewing the LLM sample paper and mock tests, you can determine your weaknesses and strengths. Once you know these areas, you must adjust your study strategy. The study schedule needs to include additional time and space for the subject you must practise.
  • A regular revision would be beneficial. Most LLM aspirants commit the typical error of waiting till the syllabus is complete before beginning the revision. The LLM syllabus requires frequent revision because it is so extensive. It would be difficult to remember the material covered if not revised frequently. You must review all the subjects you covered during that week in the end. Candidates must give revision its due attention.
  • You can acquire more guidance and techniques to enhance your LLM preparations by reading the testimony of top performers and subject-matter specialists.

You must maintain your motivation and attention above all else. Dedication and perseverance are necessary for adequate LLM preparations. Therefore, find strategies to keep your motivation and persevere. Your work will undoubtedly be rewarded.